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Meet the Mentor

Christine Stevens

Christine Stevens, MA, MSW, MT-BC is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and music therapist. Holding masters degrees in both social work and music therapy, Christine inspires people all over the world with her message of musical empowerment for mind-body wellness. With over 20 years of experience developing drumming programs, including the co-development of the HealthRHYTHMS Training program, she has worked with Columbine High School, Ground Zero, and survivors of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Christine has developed team building programs for major corporations, including DuPont, The Department of Defense, and Verizon. Christine is the author of: The Healing Drum Kit, The Art and Heart of Drum Circles and Music Medicine. She serves on the editorial board of Explore: The Journal of Science & Healing. Christine is a Remo approved trainer for HealthRHYTHMS Basic Training.  


Televised media credits include: CBS This Morning, NBC’s The Other Half, KABC–Los Angeles, KTLA – Los Angeles, Tournament of Roses  Parade, London Tonight, Living Better TV, Discovery Health, & Hong Kong News.


Print media featuring Christine’s work include: Fitness Magazine, Spirituality & Health, Body & Soul, Fast Company, First for Women  Magazine, The Oriental News, New Age Retailer Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, US News & World Report, Yogi Times, Natural  Beauty and Health. 


Learn More About Christine's Work

Upbeat Drum Circles on YouTube


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